Our Story


Edd Montgomery - Ferrum, VA

Over a half century ago, two men from small communities in Franklin County, VA, went to work every day to provide for their families. Neither were educated but they were principled, honest, respectful, genuine, hard-working and servant leaders.

Montgomery Hassell was formed in honor of Edd Montgomery and Joe “Hassell” Prillaman. Edd was the Grandfather of Montgomery Hassell’s founder and President Gina Prillaman. Joe “Hassell” Prillaman was the father of Tim Prillaman, Sr. Managing Director.

During their generation, “values” were something you taught to your Children and occasionally were accompanied with some type of reinforcement to ensure the lesson was well understood.

These values are a part of Montgomery Hassell.

This is the standard Montgomery Hassell clients can expect. It is the standard we hold ourselves accountable to.

Montgomery Hassell is a legacy Company that will be handed down to the future generations. Our chosen logo is an Oak Tree because it reflects our past, present and future.

Each part of the tree is symbolic to Montgomery Hassell.

Much like our Oak Tree, we seek client partnerships that are mutually beneficial and withstand the test of time. We understand respect is earned over time.

Joe "Hassell" Prillaman - Henry, VA

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